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How it works.....easy profits, for you, in your area, town, or city, all yours.
Buy Great Gear. The Hoodie is best. It gets seen, so long as you wear it. ; o P

Manchester is taken. It's my Hood. : o ]
Didsbury is taken. I live here. Everywhere else is up for grabs. Call me. Let's chat.
Makers Markets.
 Clothing Shops. Gift Shops. Stock and Rock! Get Great Profits.

Southport is now taken. All of it. Managed by Rock and Roll and Co: . ; o p

You invest in a Hoodie, or Tee, with a big discount, and wear it. Simple as that. Socially inclined? College Student? Too many dates? Too many Kids? Too little Dosh?

IndieManc has claimed Didsbury and Manchester but you can claim your town or city. Then it's all yours, if sales are coming in. I hope you make 1 + sale a day. Earn Approx: £40 a week!

I will know your sales by the address/postcode on the orders, and you get paid commissions. APPROX: £3/£5 commission on all sales of every product bought. Check out the potential. Earn *£50 - £100* + every week. *Approx: 
Just by wearing your Hoodie.